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Cookies Can Soothe the Rumpled Soul

Marital communication is an ongoing trip down Rumpled Expectations Lane. Recently my daughter and her husband participated in a marriage seminar that pointed out men’s thoughts are held in separate, locked compartments and women’s thoughts are tangled masses of intersecting...

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Redeeming Father’s Day 0

Redeeming Father’s Day

Today is Father’s Day, and this theme was eloquently addressed in the church sermon this morning, after all the dads, granddads, and great-granddads were acknowledged and applauded. Father’s Day always leaves me a bit...

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All’s Fair in Love and Canasta

My husband has introduced me to canasta, a card game with as many nuances and cagey subtleties as Hillary Clinton at a press conference. It has taken me forever to learn the game, but...

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Empty Nesting is for the Birds 0

Empty Nesting is for the Birds

I think it is only after the kids have flown the coop a parent finally has time and energy to devote to exploring the depths of their inner thoughts, dreams and desires. I can...

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