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If I Were a Cat 7

If I Were a Cat

If I were a cat, I’d lay slim and long in the sun all day. I would be a medium longhair. Less furballs; but still soft and fluffy. My face would not be long...

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The Original Posers

I have always thought “pose” a nice word; firm, artistic, even stately. For instance, one poses for a photograph. One poses to model clothing, or to be captured artistically. Posing, to me, brings to...

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Giving Oscar the heave-ho 3

Giving Oscar the heave-ho

At least I didn’t throw up this year. The past few Academy Awards have left me with little more than a few dry heaves, but Billy Crystal restored much-needed balance to the celebration. Like...

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New Sport Growing by Leaps and Bounds 2

New Sport Growing by Leaps and Bounds

Seriously? I have recently happened on the zany new trend of “Hotel Bed Jumping” and am certainly intrigued by this phenomenon. First of all, lest your mind go there, it is NOT an immoral...

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Stick a Fork in Me – I’m Done

In retrospect, I realize I walked straight into a trap. The gentle voice that mentioned “cooking show” and “you are so much fun” and “we’ll really enjoy you” in the same breath cleverly camouflaged...

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