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Where the Heart Is – Reflections

After three weeks of traipsing back and forth from my kitchen-in-progress to my makeshift kitchen in the back bedroom, I am slowly regaining my sanity. My back bedroom groaned with sacks and boxes of dishes, pots and...

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Tiny Sun Goddess Faces Brush-Off 0

Tiny Sun Goddess Faces Brush-Off

I wasn’t aware of impending maxed-out debit-card-itis when I blithely entered ULTA, an exclusive, fun, one-stop-make-up shopping venue. I walked straight in, through the sleek glass and chrome doors, made a sharp right toward...

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If I Were a Cat 7

If I Were a Cat

If I were a cat, I’d lay slim and long in the sun all day. I would be a medium longhair. Less furballs; but still soft and fluffy. My face would not be long...

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Giving Oscar the heave-ho 3

Giving Oscar the heave-ho

At least I didn’t throw up this year. The past few Academy Awards have left me with little more than a few dry heaves, but Billy Crystal restored much-needed balance to the celebration. Like...

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