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A Year of Gray Days

Many long, gray days and two weeks’ worth of hacking and sniffling have taken their toll. Plus, I dejectedly notice, just nine days until Christmas and I am, uhh…maybe halfway done. This has been...

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The Hardest Part

I am at the halfway point in my next book and it is killing me. The middle of any undertaking is enough to send me screaming and running for the hills, pulling my hair out,...

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Going Home Again a Wild Ride

Sometimes, going home again is an emotional roller coaster. I just returned from spending a week with my eighty-year-old mom.  To say it was depressing is an understatement.  Imagine a hermit crab washed up on the...

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To Write or Not to Write – Is That the Question? 1

To Write or Not to Write – Is That the Question?

So now I’ve done it. I’ve created a perpetual hamster wheel of article churn. I’ve been told that my BLOG cannot be the same as my AUTHOR WEBSITE (tra la) and I’ve been laboring all...

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