Rainy Days & Mondays Shouldn’t Get Us Down

The last few days the sky opened and dumped bucketsful of rain until my house was swimming in the water pooled in my lawn. When I went out to fill my birdfeeders during a short respite, my flip-flop-encased feet sank two inches into the ground. Now, that’s rain! Aside from being inconvenient, making weeds grow like crazy up through my pine-straw-covered areas and soaking everything in sight, my motivation was similarly dampened.

So I had a depressing slugfest that involved eating bon-bons and bingeing on Hulu. Ugh.

It is much harder to fight feelings of discouragement and anxiety when the sky hovers black and threatening. Not only does this apply to the weather, but to everything!

How about when health issues loom black and threatening? Or financial woes? Or children that cannot seem to get a clue, one way or the other, and nothing you say or do helps? Marital strife? There are plenty of black, threatening clouds in life, and the weather this week was simply God’s natural example of a proven truth: threatening downpours will come. I must either grip my oars tighter and inflate my life raft, or lie in my recliner and allow the darkness to drown me. My natural tendency is to give in to the darkness, but as a warrior rooted and grounded in the word of God, I’ve got plenty of go-to verses to sustain me through times like this. It’s a choice: lie down, or get up?

My feelings are not exactly trustworthy indicators of what to do, how to respond, or which decision to make. In fact, I’ve discovered that when my feelings are on full tilt (i.e. red alert) that is precisely NOT the time to do anything except wait until my heartbeat slows and the adrenaline recedes.  Feelings are a blessing, most of the time, and enhance my experiences; but they can also be devious little liars that fool me into doing something ridiculous. Like convincing myself yesterday that since it was raining and thundering I had permission to be a slug.

I am learning that my feelings are like untrained puppies that nip at my heels. I must teach them to “Stay,” “Sit,” “Heel,” or “Get in the Kennel.” I have control over what goes in my mind, and my choices are to cling to life-giving thoughts or give in to threatening-downpour thoughts.

Fortunately, I have a life-preserver handy.  It’s better than oars and a life raft, and when I slip inside, the words there lift me above the flood. Biblical promises inspire me to be a water-walker. How about you?


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