To Write or Not to Write – Is That the Question?

Teddy Bear HamsterSo now I’ve done it. I’ve created a perpetual hamster wheel of article churn.

I’ve been told that my BLOG cannot be the same as my AUTHOR WEBSITE (tra la) and I’ve been laboring all week on a darn author website because I don’t want to cough up the $2500 to pay someone to do an actual author website.


Let me sell some books first.

Or even publish one. My first book doesn’t even come out until December, really.

Nonetheless, I’m trying to follow the handy Author Promotion Guide provided me by my publisher, which is helpful really it is, but it would have been nice to have signed with a publisher that did the website thing for you, as part of the contract. Which, of course, never happens to  a first-time novelist, which in agent-speak translates roughly to:  “AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE. RUN! RUN!”

So, no freebie website for me. I’m building a fun blog and calling it an author website. I’ve looked at a ton of author websites. It’ll be just as good only without the buy-with-one-click feature, which I’m sure I can blackmail someone into doing for me anyway, once I have something to sell. Mine will also not have the page that says EVENTS AND APPEARANCES because, well, I’m not famous enough yet.

For now, though, I’m looking at writing stuff for my blog, writing stuff for my author blog, writing stuff for the press kit I’m supposed to develop. What I’m wondering is this: when does an author actually have time to, um…write the book?

Is this author thing kind of an ironic, cruel joke?

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